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For a long time, the community wanted
to transfer Leonie’s tomb from her
previous burial site into the
Monastery’s Chapel.  With
the increasing numbers of devotees
coming to our monastery,
placing her tomb in the Chapel would
make it more accessible for everyone.
But unfortunately, we cannot afford to
pay for the cost needed for these
repairs which are necessary in placing
her tomb in the Chapel.

Our first priority is to build a sarcophagus in our Chapel which will enshrine
the remains of our sister.

Our next priority is to make many repairs in different areas of the Chapel:
The wooden balcony overlooking the sarcophagus was found to be
infested with worms. We have already begun the process of treating
the wood. The flooring is damaged and cracked and in need of desperate
repairs which can be very dangerous for devotees coming to the Chapel.  


The stain glass windows and the Stations of the Cross are corroded with
soot caused by an old heating system. We look forward to having them
cleaned and repaired.  

We are reaching out to our friends and to those devotees that want to make
Leonie better known to intercede for those who are in pain and suffering.

If you wish to contribute to the costs incurred for the process of Leonie’s
beatification, you can send your contribution, however modest it may be,
by mail to:

Communauté de la Visitation
3 rue de l’abbatiale
14000 CAEN

To make an online donation using PayPal, please click on the button "d
onate" below:

Be assured of our friendship in Christ and our prayer for all your intentions.

The Sisters of the Visitation of Caen
Stations of the Cross
Balcony and Flooring