Servant of God
Sister Francoise-Therese
Marie Leonie Martin
"God's Little Violet"
Sister Genevieve of the Holy Face
Marie Celine Martin
"Beloved Holy Face"
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Franciscae Teresiae
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Genovevae a sancta Facie
Mother Agnes of Jesus
Marie Pauline Martin
"The Pearl of Lisieux"
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Mariae a Sacratissimo
Corde Iesu
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Agnetis a Iesu
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Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart
Marie Louise Martin
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Martin Sisters                    
Sr. Mary Grace Flynn
It was with great sadness to
hear about the passing of
Sr. Mary
Grace Flynn, VHM
September 16, 1927 -
January 7, 2009
A Tribute to
their School
Mount de Chantal
**The "Mount" is now closed.
The Visitation sisters from
Mount de Chantal now reside
at the Georgetown Visitation
Monastery in
Washington, D.C.
Featured Monastery
Georgetown Visitation
1500 35th NW
Tele: (202) 337-0305
The camera pans from the
recumbent statue of St
Therese in the side chapel
of the Carmel of Lisieux to
the crypt marker for
Therese's three Carmelite
sisters. Before the
remodeling of the convent,
it was not possible to see
the marker.

Buried beneath the side
chapel are Pauline (Mother
Agnes), Marie (Sr. Marie
of the Sacred Heart) and
Celine (Sr Genevieve of the
Holy Face).
Video provided by Susan Ehlert
The tomb which encases the remains of the Servant of God Sister
Francoise-Therese, (Leonie Martin), sister of St. Therese of the Child Jesus.
Death: June 17, 1941 at the age of 78 years and 41 years as a professed
religious. located at the Visitation Monastery in Caen, France
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    Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to informing and highlighting the virtues to those of faith about the holy lives of Mother Agnes
    of Jesus, Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart, Sister Francoise-Therese, and Sister Genevieve of the Holy Face. Our service is to provide
    beatification and intercession prayers of the Martin sisters as an opportunity to help those in times of need. Our goal is to help educate
    and promote the Martin sisters to as many people as we can around the world. Our ambition is to initiate the beatification process of all
    four of the Martin sisters for sainthood in the Roman Catholic Church. We will also strive to provide information  about monasteries
    and their affiliates for those who are being called to the consecrated life.
Louis and Zelie
New! A Call To A Deeper
Love book. For more
information, please visit:
La Petite Thérèse
A great website for
meditation on Thérèse. This
is where Thérèse spent her
vacations in St-Ouen-le-Pin,
please visit them at:
Monastery of the Visitation of Caen
St. Therese of the Child Jesus
Marie Francoise Therese Martin
"The Little Flower"
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Martin Sisters
Sister Genevieve of the Holy Face - Celine Martin
Sister Francoise Therese - Leonie Martin
Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart - Marie Martin
Mother Agnes of Jesus - Pauline Martin
Saint Therese of the Child Jesus - Therese Martin
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For more information about the
life of Sr. Francoise-Therese         
(Leonie Martin), please visit:
Carmel Archives of Lisieux
Leonie Martin: Disciple and
Sister of St. Therese of Lisieux
Official Intercession Prayer
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Our Lady of the Smile
St. Therese of the Child Jesus
Mother Agnes of Jesus
Sr. Marie of the Sacred Heart
Sr. Francoise-Therese
Sr. Genevieve of the Holy Face
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Video Clips
Canonization of Saints Louis and Zelie Martin
by: KTO Television - October 18, 2015
The Beatification Inquiry of Servant of God
Sister Francoise Therese - July 2, 2015
**Video may not appear based upon your browser. Please click on the link above (vers la   
béatification de Léonie Martin). The video is presented in French.

"A Family of Saints"
Sœur Françoise-Thérèse
Monastère de la Visitation
Leonie Martin
Leonie Martin - New Website (In French)
The Sisters of the Visitation are asking for
donations for the cost of the process of the
cause of Leonie Martin. You can send your
donations to the address below or
send via PayPal:
Communauté de la Visitation
3 rue de l’abbatiale


English translation of the "donate" page
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***On Saturday February 22, 2020 at 4:00 p.m., in the chapel of the Visitation monastery of Caen, Monsignor Jean-claude Boulanger, bishop
of the diocese of Bayeux and Lisieux, will preside over the closing celebration of the diocesan inquiry into the trial for the Beatification
and the Canonization of the Servant of God, Léonie Martin, Sister Françoise-Thérèse.
The work of the historical commission will be officially transferred to Rome to the Congregation for the Cause of Saints.
The Roman investigation will consist of verifying the documents transmitted by the historical commission and then studying the virtues of the
Servant of God with a view to declaring her Venerable, a new step on the road to trial for the Beatification and Canonization.
A long way to live in the confidence and perseverance so dear to Léonie!